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From: BGI
Recently, Bio-gene has installed the Omega multifunctional microplate reader for the quality control and sequencing group of BGI  
From: ¿ɘGlobal R&D Integra VIAFLO 384늄Һϵyur
¿ɘ߶urIntegra VIAFLO 384늄Һϵy  
From: East Normal University
"The engineer show great patience, provide first-class service during the training process, carefully solve the problem, and put forward the constructive suggestions  
From: ִWAtWԺBMG๦ø˃xÑur
From: A recognition letter from Japan Alpha Med Scientific in 2015
Bio-Gene is awarded the recognition letter for excellent sales performance by Alpha Med Scientific in 2015, which gives Bio-Gene great appreciation in promoting MED64 multi-electrode array system.......  
From: Bio-Gene Received The Certificate of Appreciation from BMG LABTECH for the 2015 Excellent Sales & Service Performance
We,Bio-Gene, received the second certificate of appreciation from BMG LABTECH, which was awarded to us in recognition and appreciation for our outstanding performance &support and excellent sales results in 2015!  
From: Recommendation letter from the College of Chemistry, Wuhan University
"The after-sale service is very great. The engineer made clear explanation to let us know the reason and told us the tips and precautions on the usage of the reader in the future.  
From: Recommendation letter from the University of Science and Technology of China
"The engineer is very nice. He offers free training and maintenance services for us and performs professionally, dedicatedly and carefully during the training.....  
From: A Happy BMG Customer from Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
From: Bio-X Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University
"The OPTIKA stereomicroscope can provide clear image, wide field of view, easy operation and stable performance. The Optika microscope has very attractive price, and product quality is ......"  
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